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Do you want one solution or all?

Marketing and sales problems are transport problems. Goods or information must be transported from A to B. Money has to get from B to A. With Supercharged we systematically find the most promising target group, sales and marketing strategies. The experience of over 200 cases has been incorporated into this tool. Compressed knowledge that helps us to think of really everything.

Three dimensions – (almost) infinite solutions

Supercharged uses the principle of the “morphological box” to systematically develop marketing and sales solutions. For this purpose, we have developed a very fine, double-graded scale for the three dimensions “target group”, “message” and “channel”. Furthermore, this scale is refined by each additional solution developed with Supercharged. This way the tool permanently improves itself.

Mould Action Sista
Developed with Supercharged: A city becomes mold-free – and television reports on it free of charge.


Finding marketing and sales solutions that go beyond the usual That is the strength of Supercharged. For our client Sista (a Henkel product), we were able to clear an entire town of mold and save tens of thousands of media money. One of many marketing solutions that have made a difference. We are happy to talk about the others in a personal conversation.