Small target group?
Big chance!

  • How to fully exploit the digital advantages as a regional company.

Medium-sized companies with a smaller, often clearly defined target group – be it regionally limited or defined by a special user profile – often have a hard time: Their competitors are more often international corporations with large budgets that can afford to work „less accurately“. The big ones often benefit from spill-over effects. Smaller companies cannot count on such „additional reach“. Quite the opposite. They have to reach their target group exactly in terms of content and media.

A classic case of David versus Goliath. However, we also know how this fight ended.

Target group fish

In our case, using the telecommunications company NetAachen as an example, we show you how to turn limited – in this case regional – capacities into strength. With an intelligent, content-based strategy and digital tools, we were able to help the medium-sized company, NetAachen, on its way to becoming regional champion.

NetAachen – The Situation

NetAachen provides the people in the Aachen-Düren-Heinsberg region with Internet and telephony based on its own fiber optic network. NetAachen thus competes directly with market giants like Telekom or Vodafone. Neither a price war nor communication based on product features are really promising.

Our approach: to turn regional roots into real strength.

The target group is the strength

We turn the supposed disadvantages of mediums size and regionalism into an advantage by turning our target group into the heroes of the region.

NetAachen’s network enables the people of Aachen to fulfill their wishes and dreams. Consequently, in our campaign we „fraternise“ with the citizens of Aachen and turn the everyday heroes into our protagonists who show how they succeeded with the help of the Internet – delivered by NetAachen, of course. Only NetAachen can offer this proximity to everyday life in Aachen. With the content strategy „With NetAachen you too can realize your dream, just like your Aachen neighbors.“the targeted topic has been found – the weakness has become the strength.

NetAachen Roadsign

Step two: regionally targeted communication.

Efficient media selection is a major challenge for all customers with a limited target group. The use of classical media often leads to immense wastage. These are usually not affordable with a limited budget. At the same time, there is no additional effective reach from spill-over effects. A person from Mönchengladbach cannot do anything with the NetAachen advertisement (and the offers). So they should not see it at all.

We need an intelligent, effective solution that will find our target group and reach them efficiently and quickly. This solution is literally right in front of our eyes: on the desktop and especially on the cell phone display.

Facebook Ads NetAachen

Using the digital giant

Experience shows that many medium-sized companies have a certain fear of digital media. One does not see oneself as a „cool Internet company“ and therefore understands digital media as a perhaps hip, but not really adequate communication channel.

In reality, the digital giants like Facebook give medium-sized companies with limited target groups in particular almost unbelievable superpowers.

A 50 to 60 times higher efficiency compared to the regional medium No.1, the daily newspapers, is the norm rather than the exception.

For NetAachen, targeted advertising via Facebook and Instagram was therefore the method of choice to reach the target group with pinpoint accuracy.

NetAachen reach/costs

The digital mailshot.
Direct to the display.

Of the 1,060,000 citizens of the region, 370,000 can be reached via the various platforms. In the pilot test, it was already possible to achieve a media pressure that could hardly be financed by conventional media:

45 % of the NetAachen target group was reached 4-5 times in four weeks.

In combination with the classic OoH billboards, this results in media pressure equivalent to large national campaigns.

Most interesting, however, is the gain. The Facebook campaign alone generated thousands of clicks on the corresponding interview page and the products mentioned therein.

You don’t have to be big to be a big shot

Our learning – and your advantage: With an intelligent combination of targeted, value-added content and the „superpowers“ of digital communication, small and medium-sized companies with clearly defined special target groups can stand up to large players. Actually, anyone can do it. Today, success is not necessarily a consequence of size, but of intelligence.

With best regards from David.