• We are with you – until you reach your goals and, if you wish, beyond.
  • We see ourselves as a companion who turns goals into plans. And then plans becom reality.
  • We create concepts, manuals, prototypes and – if desired – also final implementations in many areas.

Not only theory – also practical experience

As a business consultancy, we don’t just think in terms of grey theory, but above all in terms of feasibility. A plan can be – indeed it must be – ambitious. But it must also be feasible and must be realized. Therefore we accompany you from the start to the finish. We create strategies, help to carry them into your organization and get your plans off the ground together with you. As far as you want to go.

Concepts and prototypes

We develop conceptual implementations for the individual strategies. Concepts can have various forms, depending on your needs: from concept presentations to classic concept texts to animated and set to music narratives, which can be very helpful for market research, for example.

But often it is necessary to go one step further. The classic question is: „I understand the strategy, but how could that look like in reality? For these cases we develop prototypical implementations: „real“ layouts of ads or posters, storyboards of TV spots, website dummies. They not only show what a creative end product could look like, but also which elements have to take over which function within a communication measure.

In contrast to the automotive industry, where you only see the great prototypes at trade fairs, our prototypes do actually go into series production. If not, however, one has an excellent „visual briefing“ and a benchmark for the actual implementation of advertising material.


Once the strategy, concept and prototype are in place, only one thing remains to be done – the doing. Together we make your brand tangible on all channels: no matter whether print, radio, radio or TV. We are particularly good at planning and implementing social media and Google Ads campaigns. We always remain flexible and react immediately to optimize the result in the end.

The form in which an idea becomes visible is open, by the way. For our customer Innovation Alliance we developed and organized roadshow events; Thiocyn Haarserum uses a bottle designed by us as the most important design and positioning element. And of course there are plenty of websites that we have developed to create that famous „jolt“ in business results.