Event Conception

Sometimes the best thing is when an idea becomes an event. Because an event remains in people‘ s minds. We develop events that turn your positioning into a tangible experience. Our contribution: The event concept that not only defines the red thread but also the core content. The implementation can be done by our event partners.

This is how your brand becomes an event

The location, the speakers, the dramaturgy, the content. All this is not an end in itself, but rather design material. If you think fundamentally from the brand and the concept like we do, events of a completely different kind are created.

The most practical digitisation event

One example: The „Geisteshaltung“ for our client Innovation Alliance was to no longer mystify digitization and label it with attributes such as „visionary“, „disruptive“ or „transformation“, but to make it tangible. It must not be about the frightening, abstract digitisation, but about a concrete, likeable personal digitisation. That is why we developed the „cuddle-d“ as a key visual. A little „d“ made of orange plush. It’s as harmless as it gets.

The same mindset was embodied in the event series „Ways – not Visions“. Their aim was to bring digitalization out of Silicon Valley and into Glottertal. Therefore we designed an event without „visionary masterminds“, without „heroes of disruption“. Instead, 12 five-minute short lectures on very practical digitisation cases and equally practical exercises formed the core of each event.

The result can best be summarized by a statement of a visitor (and subsequent customer). „I’ve been to dozens of digitization events. And this is the first one where I was able to relate to my own company.“

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