1000 mutige Männer

“1000 mutige Männer” (1,000 brave men) is one of the most successful cancer prevention campaigns in Germany. We conceived and organized a grassroots movement that convinced thousands of men nationwide to undergo a colonoscopy. The campaign was awarded a prize by the German Bundespräsident.

7 Principles

Supersieben researched insights for the mobile device management provider, developed the positioning and created the corresponding website


Cool – but (still) secret: An English fashion designer uses the results of Emotional Territories to create a data-based luxury fashion line.

A1 digital

We carried out a strategy project for the Austrian telecommunications group’s entry into the German IT market: How do you have to address medium-sized companies to get them excited about digitization?


Supersieben accompanied the market launch of several consumer projects. Not only the positioning was created, but also the necessary advertising materials.

Arquis Lawyers

In several workshops, we developed a unique positioning for the internationally operating commercial law firm and derived the visual world and design that is still valid today.


AWISTA is responsible for municipal services in Düsseldorf and must prepare for a liberalized market. Supersieben developed the strategic basis for the reorientation of the brand.

Bankhaus Jungholz

A bank in the mountains – with the highest standards. Also to on-line marketing and many other marketing actions.


Supersieben developed names and positioning for different tariff offers.

Burger King

Supersieben put together its own agency team for the fast food chain, which has been providing Burger King with digital communication and in-store advertising nationally and internationally since its founding in 2010.

Cortal Consors

Supersieben took over the communication of the new online investment bank after the merger of Consors Bank with the French Cortal Group. Die Arbeit umfasste die klassische Kampagnenentwicklung und Input für die Produktentwicklung.


Daparto (and its partner company Autoteile Teufel) are portals where spare parts are sold to professionals and hobbyists. We found out what else counts in this market besides price and range.

For Germany’s leading online store for customized furniture, we determined the relevant consumer insights and derived the positioning.


For Dell, we were able to use Emotional Territories to find out how IT decision-makers like to be addressed.


A liberalized market with hundreds of competitors requires a consistently customer-oriented positioning. With Emotional Territories we were able to develop them.

Du bist kostbar

” Du bist kostbar ” is a campaign for cancer prevention organized by the German Cancer Society. Patients report on how they lead a valuable life – despite having cancer.
We developed the concept, conducted the interviews and built the website.


For E-Plus we developed product concepts and communication strategies on which existing agency partners were briefed.


For E-Plus we developed product concepts and communication strategies on which existing agency partners were briefed.

Elmex Gelée

Once a week it would be a good idea for most people to use Elmex Gelée. We developed target group strategies and a way to turn Sunday into Elmex Gelée Day.


It is no surprise that an economy airline must stand for reasonable prices. But which values have to be addressed additionally, if there is more than one company in the market. We have determined it.


Fashionette is Europe’s leading online supplier of designer handbags. The combination of our tools Emotional Territories and Consumer Connections helped to address the exact emotional appeal – and the company’s growth.


Froodies was a pioneer in the online food trade in Germany. We supported the launch in several German cities with an all-round package from strategy to promotion.


Genotropin is a growth hormone medication for children and adults with growth disorders. For this difficult task we developed positioning strategies and the resulting communication with doctors and patients.

Gesamtschule Rhede

One of the highlights: Branding work for a school to improve its competitive position. We identified what the ideal secondary school must stand for.


Gonis makes the world more colorful – with products for handicrafts and decoration through direct sales.
We developed the positioning.


Granulox represents a breakthrough in the treatment of chronic wounds. Supersieben developed the complete market presence.


We designed and organized cancer prevention measures for the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs.


1,000 tons additional sales of creamed spinach within three months. With the help of our tool “Supercharged” we developed targeted sales promotions.

Innovation Alliance

Cisco and 11 partner companies form the Innovation Alliance with the aim of helping German SMEs to go digital. We determined the Insight, designed the corresponding appearance and organized the probably most unusual IT events.

Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee

Our experience in financial services combined with sound strategy work ensures a new appearance for the bank belonging to the Würth Group.

Janssen Cilag

Janssen Cilag initiated the campaign “My man cover” for prostate prophylaxis. We developed the marketing mechanism and won illustrious partners.

Kabel Deutschland

How can you improve door-to-door sales? By understanding what drives the customer and deriving the sales argumentation from these insights.

Krebsgesellschaft NRW

We created several cancer prevention campaigns for the Cancer Society NRW. Among them the award-winning grassroots movement “1,000 brave men”.


Even the first use of our “Supercharged” tool was a complete success: We found out how to sell more of the printing ink.


With Emotional Territories, we determined the values you have to address if you want to be the leader in the delivery market.


Loctite is an adhesive brand from Henkel. We developed a TV campaign that set standards in terms of “This is how strong an adhesive can be”.


For the steakhouse chain we took over the operative marketing management and support all marketing activities – from webshop to community management.

Merz Special Dragées

Revitalize an old brand from scratch. What a task! We developed mindsets, key visuals and new product ideas.


For the law firm MKRG we determined the optimal positioning internally and with clients and derived the new appearance from these findings.

Moritz Fiege

The private brewery Moritz Fiege from Bochum is able to assert itself against the overwhelming competition of “TV beers” with targeted sales promotion campaigns and a positioning tailored to the Ruhr region.

Müller Milch

Supersieben developed marketing approaches for the core product buttermilk in a workshop series


Based on qualitative and quantitative market research, we developed a customized positioning for the pizza delivery chain “Mundfein”. We also managed the social media presence.


How do you make a big impression with a small budget? We developed a digital marketing concept that simply outsmarted the big corporations. If you can’t outspend them, outsmart them.


Supersieben consults NetCologne in the areas of positioning, value proposition and marketing strategies. We also implement a wide variety of campaigns.


Noreiz is a preparation for neurodermatitis patients. We developed the positioning and the corporate design. Vor allem aber planten und implementierten wir die digitalen Vermarktungswege.


How does a news station become a news brand? It starts with knowing the motive structure of the target group better than anyone else. With Emotional Territories we could find out what viewers, readers and surfers really want.


Everyone knows the traditional adhesive brand from Henkel. The global repositioning was achieved with the help of Consumer Connections.


For REWE Dortmund we developed the strategy for the development of a private label brand.


RMS is the company that markets the German private radio stations. During our many years of partnership, we not only developed campaigns and events, but were also able to continually develop new strategic approaches – such as the discovery of the “Generation Headphones”.


Schroth manufactures safety systems for the aviation, automotive and defence sector. We developed a competitive positioning to distinguish the company from the world market leader and redesigned the website accordingly.


Sista is a Henkel brand. We developed a spectacular action for the “mildew-proof” silicone joints, during which an entire city was made mildew-free.


Somavert is a drug from Pfizer’s Rare Diseases business. In this extremely sensitive environment we develop doctor, patient and employee communication.


At the start of Subway we developed – revolutionary at the time – a digital platform on which franchisees could supply themselves with individualized promotional material.

Süddeutsche Aktienbank

We supported the launch of Süddeutsche Aktienbank with intensive market research and workshops to derive the positioning.


Tectix is an innovative provider of ticketing systems. We developed a new appearance for the market launch.


How do professionals work with Tesa products? What settings do they associate with it? And is there a difference between German and French painters? We were able to answer all these questions in one of the first international Emotional Territories projects.

Teutoburger Ölmühle

What does rapeseed oil feel like? And how is it different from olive oil? With Emotional Territories we were able to find out and thus provide the basis for a targeted packaging relaunch.

Thiocyn Haarserum

A hair growth product based on one of the oldest molecules in the world. We developed the positioning, designed the packaging and the website – and founded our own start-up together with the manufacturer to have success in our own hands.

Thiocyn Haarserum

A hair restorer based on one of the oldest molecules in the world. We developed the positioning, designed the packaging and the website – and founded our own start-up together with the manufacturer to have success in our own hands.

TK Maxx

Supersieben developed the launch strategy for TK Maxx in the German market and created the communication for the market launch.


For Unicredit, we developed sales concepts for personal loans.

VAYU Sense

Super difficult. Super interesting: an artificial intelligence for biopharma production. We take care of positioning and marketing.


Vetten Cranes is a medium-sized company for which we developed new approaches to recruit new employees.


With the help of “Consumer Connections”, we developed the strategic foundation for the mobile Internet sector.

VR-Bank Bad Salzungen Schmalkalden

Interesting question: How can a bank that works in a network be better marketed locally and regionally? Spoiler: The solution was found online.


Supersieben supported the repositioning of the video portal (formerly Clipfish) from A-Z: positioning, content, name, design.


With the help of our tool Emotional Territories, we were able to determine which values and emotions make Weihenstephan so desirable to the customer – and where the differences to the competition are located.

For the weather service of the RTL group we developed a new positioning


For Wüsthof we conducted an international Emotional Territories Analysis, which brought new knowledge about the motivation to buy high quality cooking knives.