To ask a clever question, you have to be at least as clever as the person from whom you expect an answer. This also applies to briefings.
We evaluated over 500 creative briefings and found out why many of them could not work at all: It sounds strange, but many briefings manage to be both too vague and too concrete at the same time.

Briefings with added value

On request, we translate the strategic platforms that we develop together with our customers into briefings for various service providers – advertising agencies, event specialists, product designers. To do so, we use our double experience: on the one hand, the strategic competence we have developed over the years; on the other hand, our background in the creative industry.

This results in briefings that are very precise when it comes to formulating and describing the situation, goal and general conditions, but at the same time leave enough freedom, because a creative person needs room for new ideas. We are happy to illustrate the briefings with prototypical implementations that can serve as a starting point for groundbreaking creation.