Business Models

  • We do not think in campaigns, but in business:
    • What has to happen behind the scenes to make a business pay off?
    • What is the relationship between margin and brand?
  • We calculate, optimize and create business models that make more of your business.

It’s all about numbers

We are a business consultancy, so we are not only interested in what we do for a company, but also why. In other words: business engineering, as we do it, starts with the business model. Because neither brand nor marketing are ends in themselves, but are mutually dependent on the business model. An example: If the cost structure and the business plan require an above-average margin, this is not possible with a low-price positioning. In this case the positioningmust justify theprice premium by creating added value with the brand positioning. But a premium message is only credible if it is integrated into a premium communication and sales strategy.


In the case of an existing business, it is essential to understand exactly the structures behind it: What are the variable costs? How much does it cost to win a customer? What are repurchase rates, etc.? We determine the current figures and can define the starting points with the greatest leverage.


Ein guter Business-Plan besteht aus möglichst plausiblen Zahlen, die in ihrem Zusammenspiel den gewünschten Sinn ergA good business plan consists of figures that are as plausible as possible and make the desired sense when combined.eben. This sentence implies two things that determine our work when we take care of business models:

  1. What are plausible numbers?
  2. How exactly do these numbers relate to each other?

Since there can be no absolute answers for both in the planning phase – estimates can be too optimistic or too pessimistic; correlations e.g. between price and demand can develop differently than assumed – we work with scenarios. This does not result in a singular solution approach, but rather a solution space with areas of varying degrees of probability.

Each business development can be described very precisely by its different characteristics in the individual parameters. This provides the necessary KPIs on which measures (in the areas of brand and marketing) can be developed.


Doing is the practical continuation of planning. We provide our clients with support in the implementation of their business plan. We develop measures that are derived directly from the agreed KPIs. The results actually achieved are used to verify or improve the planned figures. This creates a control loop which ensures that everything that is done becomes part of an entrepreneurially sound business model.