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Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

Even in the age of the smartphone, when „real life“ seems to be swallowed up by the digital world every day, classic campaigns are still a valuable tool for getting in touch with your target group. In many cases even the most efficient way to do so. You will be seen on billboards, heard on the radio and with the right guerrilla action you will get into conversation. Together we give your brand what it deserves – attention.

Creative Briefings


To ask a clever question, you have to be at least as clever as the person from whom you expect an answer. This also applies to briefings.
We evaluated over 500 creative briefings and found out why many of them could not work at all: It sounds strange, but many briefings manage to be both too vague and too concrete at the same time.

Briefings with added value

On request, we translate the strategic platforms that we develop together with our customers into briefings for various service providers – advertising agencies, event specialists, product designers. To do so, we use our double experience: on the one hand, the strategic competence we have developed over the years; on the other hand, our background in the creative industry.

This results in briefings that are very precise when it comes to formulating and describing the situation, goal and general conditions, but at the same time leave enough freedom, because a creative person needs room for new ideas. We are happy to illustrate the briefings with prototypical implementations that can serve as a starting point for groundbreaking creation.

Online Marketing

Online marketing

We understand online marketing as a holistic process: ideally, it is possible to construct a seamless chain from the target group to the happy customer. Along the way, the mathematics of the business model and the creativity of the implementation cooperate. This creates a path that leads for the customer from the first approach, through precise re-targeting and the conversion-boosting landing page, to the decisive „order now“ click and beyond. Along the way, you have to keep an eye on everything: every key figure, every design element. This is the only way to react and optimize in time and achieve the previously defined business goal.

For this reason, we literally have everyone involved at one table: from consultants and campaign planners to the creative team.